Jim DelaneyI have over 25 years of Wall Street experience trading and managing risk in multiple markets. Early on I traded High Grade Corporates for Drexel Burnham. This gave me an in-depth knowledge of credit spreads as well as how and why they move. Later in my career I was Chief Dealer of Interest Rate Options for Barclays Bank Plc. in New York. This allowed me to gain practical knowledge of the derivatives market as well as how to manage option risk. Additionally I have built technical trading models and managed commodity portfolios for Tamiso & Company a CTA that has been in business since 1983 as well as my own small CTA, Market Strategies Mgmt., LLC.


These experiences formed the pool of knowledge from which I drew to build the CEC Strategy. A practical, in-depth understanding of credit spreads and optionality combined with well disciplined risk management learned from the commodity markets all join together to produce a trading strategy that produces high quality, low volatility returns.

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